2022 CSI Workshop: Deep Modeling for Molecular Simulation

Lecture 1: Deep Potential Method for Molecular Simulation, Roberto Car

Lecture 2: Deep Potential at Scale, Linfeng Zhang

Lecture 3: Towards a Realistic Description of H3O+ and OH- Transport, Robert A. DiStasio Jr.

Lecture 4: Next Generation Quantum and Deep Learning Potentials, Darrin York

Lecture 5: Linear Response Theory of Transport in Condensed Matter, Stefano Baroni

Lecture 6: Deep Modeling with Long-Range Electrostatic Interactions, Chunyi Zhang

Hands-on session 4: Machine learning of Wannier centers and dipoles

Hands-on session 5: Long range electrostatic interactions with DPLR

Hands-on session 6: Concurrent learning with DP-GEN